Statfjord is full of historical events

Get an overview of the history of the development of the Statfjord field. After Statfjord was found in 1974, new installations and pipelines came into operation from year to year.

The Statfjord field is a gold mine


On the drill floor of the oilrig Waage Drill 1, geologists from Mobil danced a war dance in pure joy. On the floor was a core specimen that had just been retrieved from the seabed 2700 meters below the platform deck. The oil literally ran out. The Statfjord field was discovered!

Statfjord A is baptized


According to the superstition, it means bad luck to tow a vessel which is not babtized offshore, but that was what happened with the first Statfjord platform. Oddbjørg Kloster, the wife of the club chairman at Stord Verft, was a godmother when Statfjord A became baptized on the Statfjord field.

Clipping Statoil’s wings


A historic political compromise in April 1984 led to a settlement which has been characterised as “clipping the wings” of state oil company Statoil.
This involved splitting its licence holdings, and thereby the related revenue stream and expenditure, into company and government components. The latter formed the state’s direct financial interest (SDFI) in the Norwegian petroleum industry.

Statoil becomes the operator


Statoil took over the operatorship of Statfjord from Mobil Exploration Norway Inc on 1 January 1987. That meant acquiring 1 780 employees from the US company’s Statfjord division.

Merger creates StatoilHydro


A merger between Statoil and Hydro’s oil and energy division was announced on 18 December 2006, and the new StatoilHydro company became a reality on 1 October 2007.

StatoilHydro changes its name to Statoil


At the same time, a new logo and graphic profile was launched for the company.