Bridging agreement in placeOil spill from Statfjord B

Cargo ship collides

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Evita , a shuttle tanker belonging to Norway’s Ugland shipping company, collided with the Statfjord C loading buoy on 17 January 1992.
— Loading from the Statfjord C loading buoy. Photo: Mobil Exploration Norway Inc./Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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Nobody was injured in the accident, but a good deal of the bow bridge on the ship was crushed.

Damage to the buoy was so severe that loading had to cease. No threat of oil leaks arose, because the flowlines in the buoy were well protected. But the accident happened at an inconvenient time, with storage cells on the field almost full.

A long period of bad weather meant that 90 per cent of crude storage capacity on the three Statfjord platforms was occupied. This meant that production had to be reduced from the prevailing 800 000 barrels per day.

The loading buoy was back in action after two months.

Norwegian Wire Service (NTB), 17 January 1992. “Lasteskip kolliderte med Statfjordbøye”.

Bridging agreement in placeOil spill from Statfjord B
Published December 4, 2019   •   Updated December 19, 2019
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