Creation of the 1984 committeeWives visit Statfjord A

Gas injection starts on Statfjord

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Gas brought up along with the oil on Statfjord A began to be injected back into the field in June 1980, while work continued on a landing solution for this resource.
— Statfjord A. Photo: Unknown/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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Gassinjeksjon norsk sokkel - graf fra OD 1998

Existing pipelines on the UK continental shelf were judged to have limited capacity. It quickly became clear that a new transport system would have to be constructed.

Problems with long-term gas injection meant that such a solution ought to be operational in 1985-86. Two alternative Norwegian landfalls for a gas pipeline stood out – Kårstø north of Stavanger or Sotra outside Bergen.

To learn more, see: Gas pipeline to Continental Europe

Stafsnes, Tor. Ilandføring av petroleum fra Statfjord: analyse av en iverksettingsprosess . Bergen 1984, p 96.

Creation of the 1984 committeeWives visit Statfjord A
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