Storting approves Statfjord B and CTopside leaves the dry dock

Preliminary unitisation agreement signed

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Establishing the Statfjord Unit brought together the Norwegian and British licensees of the whole field.
— Traffic on the footbridge between Statfjord A and the Polymariner floatel. Photo: Odd Noreger/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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It was to be produced as a single unit with one operator, and subject to Norwegian law and regulations.

The first formal meeting of the Statfjord Unit Operating Committee (SUOC) took place on 17 June 1976, when a preliminary agreement on the division of interests in the field was signed. This committee was a continuation of the Statfjord field licensees committee (SFLC), but with the British licensees now able to vote.That meant a number of issues had to be raised anew. Decisions in the SUOC needed the support of 70 per cent of the licence interests to be valid. Statoil’s 44.4 per cent holding accordingly gave it a blocking vote on any proposals from the other partners.To learn more, see: Statfjord agreements, The final redetermination, 1995-97.

Unit licensees, holdings 1976-79
Holding in per cent
Statoil 44,44
Mobil Exploration Norway 13,33
Norske Conoco 8,88
Esso 8,88
Norske Shell 8,41
Saga Petroleum 1,57
Amoco Norway 0,88
Amerada Petroleum Norway 0,88
Texas Eastern Norway 0,88
Conoco North Sea 5,30
Gulf Oil Corporation 2,65
Gulf (UK) Offshore Investments 2,65
British National Oil Company (BNOC) 5,30

Kostnadsanalysen norsk kontinentalsokkel 1980, p 139.

Storting approves Statfjord B and CTopside leaves the dry dock
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