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Statpipe starts exporting gas

person Norwegian Petroleum Museum
Statpipe ranked when it was installed as the world’s longest and deepest gas pipeline.
— Norwegian gas is sent to the continent. Illustration: Jan Ø. Ulriksen
© Norsk Oljemuseum

Exports through the system began 25 July 1985 when rich gas from Statfjord started flowing to Kårstø north of Stavanger. After processing there, dry gas continued to the 16/11 S (now Draupner S) riser platform and thence to Ekofisk for connection with the existing Norpipe gas line to Emden in West Germany.

To learn more, see:  Gas pipeline to continental Europe via Kårstø .

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Third platform on streamPost office for a day
Published December 3, 2019   •   Updated December 12, 2019
© Norsk Oljemuseum
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