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A selection of source material has been subject to an archival form of conversation as part of the Statfjord industrial heritage project. These include case files, photographs, films, publications, objects, interviews and other records. This material is registered in databases, with links to digitised records where available.
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Archived materials

Responsibility for the sub-project on archived material has rested with the Regional State Archives in Stavanger (RSAS). This work has comprised securing an overview of the case files to be included in the project, making a selection, organising, cataloguing and depositing. After organisation and cataloguing, these records comprise some 200 shelf-metres and are now held for posterity in the RSAS’s depositories.
As operator for Statfjord, Statoil has deposited the largest volume of records. Of this, 35 shelf-metres comprise technical documentation selected by the Norwegian Petroleum Museum during the project.
The Mobil Exploration Norway Ltd (Meni) archive also includes records related to Statfjord. In addition, such material can be found in archives from Navion, Moss Rosenberg Verft (MRV), the Stavanger police force, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, the NorSeaGroup oil base operator, the Industry Energy union, and the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (previously the Norwegian Oil Industry Association – OLF).
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The Norwegian Petroleum Museum has preserved more than 6 500 press cuttings on Statfjord. With the emphasis on the period up to 1979, these have been reviewed, digitised and organised. Cuttings are systematised in folders by year and date, and preserved in the museum’s archive. From the 1980s, most Norwegian newspapers have searchable digital archives available. Searching for Statfjord in the Nation Library of Norway’s newspaper service yields more than 10 000 hits. This service can be accessed at Norwegian libraries.

Click here to read more about the National Library’s newspaper service (in Norwegian only).


A selection of some 100 books has been made available on the Statfjord industrial heritage website, including both original and translated works in English.
These volumes can be searched for and read on the internet, but not downloaded to the reader’s own computer or tablet. Rights to these books are regulated by the National Library’s “bookshelf” agreement.
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About 7 000 Statfjord-related photographs were registered in the Norwegian Petroleum Museum’s database at November 2012, including 2 000 taken during visits by its staff to the three platforms.
In addition, 1 900 come from Statoil, 570 from the Mobil archive, 430 from the Aker collection, 700 from Odd Noreger, 550 from Hilde Hysing-Dahl, 300 from Kåre Moen, 130 from Knut Olav Dalene, 58 from Tor Resser and 20 from Tor Marcussen.
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The Statoil archive of digitised films at Norgesfilm has been reviewed by the project team, and 93 films selected for presentation on the website.
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A total of 59 objects related to Statfjord are registered in the Norwegian Petroleum Museum’s collection.
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Twenty-five in-depth interviews were carried out during the project by Norwegian Petroleum Museum staff. MA student Elisabeth U Moland also interviewed four people for her dissertation.
These interviews have been transcribed and are preserved by the museum. In addition, conversations have been conducted with a further 10 people to obtain additional information.


An agreement has been entered into with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) which permits the use of radio clips. The NRK’s radio archive has been reviewed and 50 relevant clips selected. A total of 17 clips from Radio Statfjord – an internal channel for personnel in the field organisation – have been digitised from cassettes and made available.
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Magazines, journals and pamphlets

A total of more than 500 magazines and journals as well as 100 pamphlets have been made available on the website. These texts have been made searchable with the aid of software for optical character recognition.
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