Statfjord discoveredStatoil’s article 10 plan

Concrete platform for Statfjord

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Mobil had ordered the very first Condeep concrete platform from Norwegian Contractors (NC) for use on Britain’s Beryl field. Demand for offshore installations was very high at the time, so the US oil company had simultaneously secured an option for an additional structure to be used for a possible Beryl B.
— Beryl A is towed to the field. Photo: Unknown/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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When it transpired that an extra Condeep was not required for the UK development, Mobil offered the option to its partners in the Statfjord licence. Plans called for the concrete gravity base structure (GBS) which supported the actual production facilities to be delivered in 1976.

This order was placed only a few months after Statfjord had been proven, and before the field had been declared commercial. Both Mobil and the Norwegian government wanted the fastest possible start to production.

The government had also placed great pressure on Mobil to use Norwegian goods and services, and NC’s Condeep concept was regarded as the only domestic platform option.

To learn more about why the choice fell on such a large and heavy structure as the Condeep, why it was built in Stavanger, what slipforming actually involves, how the work was done, and the challenges and working environment involved.

see the article: Building the Statfjord A GBS .

Statfjord discoveredStatoil’s article 10 plan
Published December 4, 2019   •   Updated December 10, 2019
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