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New loading system in place

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Cracks had been discovered in the supporting column on the Statfjord A loading buoy. Rather than making repairs, it was decided to replace the structure with a new solution developed by Ugland Engineering AS at Grimstad in southern Norway.
— UKOLS loading system. Illustration from Mobile Report, 1986
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With this Ugland-Kongsberg offshore loading system (Ukols), the loading line was connected to a shuttle tanker via a moored and submerged buoy. It was clearly cheaper as well being time-saving and less risky than the old installation. One advantage was that nothing stuck up above the sea surface. Several collisions have occurred between ships and loading buoys.

A Ukols was also installed for Statfjord B in 1990 to replace that platform’s loading buoy. Statoil designated these identical systems as OLS-A and OLS-B.

To learn more, see: The loading buoys on Statfjord .

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TV arrives on StatfjordEvacuation chute
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