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Mobil establishes Statfjord division

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The Storting voted on 14 December 1984 that Statoil should take over the Statfjord operatorship from Mobil.
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To ensure a smooth transfer of personnel in that connection, operation of the field was organised from 1 July 1985 as a separate division. This comprised Mobil employees and was formally part of that company. However, the divisional management comprised both Mobil and Statoil personnel. The roughly 1 800 people in the division were due to change employer to Statoil on 1 January 1987.

Opposition to the transfer had been expressed by Mobil’s employees before the political decision was taken on a shift of operator. They were worried about losing accumulated rights and about moving to another company with different traditions.

Establishing the Statfjord division was intended to pave the way for the transfer, and it was gradually integrated in the Statoil organisation. Provision was made for its employees to retain the seniority they had acquired in Mobil.

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