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Polymariner becomes Statfjord A flotel

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Additional berths were required during the commissioning of Statfjord A, and the Polymariner flotel arrived on 18 April 1978 to replace temporary accommodation on the platform.
— Statfjord A and the flotels Nortrym (to the left) and Polymariner (to the right). Photo: Mobil Exploration Norway Inc./Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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The former drilling rig could accommodate 600 people after the two temporary quarters modules from Statfjord A had been lifted on board.

Polymariner was built in 1975 at the Aker Verdal yard north of Trondheim as a drilling unit under the name Polyglomar Driller. It was converted to a flotel in 1978 and had its name changed.

A contract to use the rig for accommodation on Statfjord was signed in December 1977 by Mobil Exploration Norway Inc on behalf of the licensees.

It was outfitted with a large crane, and deck space was freed up to use for equipment storage. Polymariner was replaced in 1984 by Polycrown.

Seland, Johannes. Poly-flåten gjennom 50 år, 1936-1986. Kristiansand 1987, p 81.
Sjø Borerigg Polyglomar Driller/Polymariner 1975.

Brown & Root + Aker = BrownakerWorking environment committee for Mobil
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