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Offshore supplement agreed

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The Norwegian Employers Confederation (NAF) proposed during pay talks in 1982 that offshore workers should have their income divided into two components – basic pay and an offshore supplement of 47 per cent. That would make their high income simpler both to understand and defend.
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A sceptical response was initially expressed by the Norwegian Oil and Petrochemical Workers Union (Nopef), which broke off negotiations. But the proposal was nevertheless included when the negotiated results were submitted to a ballot of union members. An overwhelming majority accepted the income division. [REMOVE]Fotnote: Johansen, Terje. Kampen om oljearbeiderne . Stavanger 2009, p 217.

   The Federation of Offshore Workers Trade Unions (OFS) went on strike again in 1982 in an effort to secure a reduction in the retirement age to 60, shorter working hours and an eight per cent pay rise.

   But the operators were now prepared, and collaborated through the Norwegian Operator Companies Employers Association (Noaf). They rejected the OLF’s demands.

   After mediation, the result was submitted to a ballot of the membership. A slight majority rejected the mediated proposal, unleashing yet another labour conflict. But the government intervened rapidly with compulsory arbitration.

President Carter visits Statfjord AMike Smith takes over at Meni
Published December 3, 2019   •   Updated December 12, 2019
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