UK criticism of Norwegian Statfjord deliveriesTransport evaluation completed

More trouble with catering

person By Trude Meland, Norwegian Petroleum Museum
The Norwegian Oil and Gas Employees Association (NOGMF) made its mark again in February 1979, once again on behalf of catering personnel. Inequitable taxation of personnel employed on the Polymariner and Nortrym flotels compared with those on Statfjord A provided the casus belli.
— Christmas celebration at Statfjord A (late 70's). Photo: Odd Noreger/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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People working on fixed Norwegian offshore installation were taxed at mainland rates, while those on the floating units paid the country’s seafarer’s tax.

The NOGMF, which organised most catering employees, objected to the way the Norwegian government divided up the North Sea petroleum industry between a number of ministries and directorates. To the union, it was regrettable that personnel on mobile rigs came under the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (NMD), and thereby Norway’s maritime legislation, while those on the fixed installations were subject to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the Working Environment Act.

This led in the first instance to an unfortunate tax position, as expressed in a statement from NOGMF officials: “Should work colleagues on the fixed installations be taxed on the same basis as employees on land, while catering personnel on the adjacent flotels pay tax pursuant to the Seafarers’ Taxation Act?”

The union demanded the same tax system for all workers in the Norwegian offshore oil and gas industry, and called for a commission of inquiry to look at the issue. Finance minister Per Kleppe responded by appointing such a body, but its report took a long time to appear.

UK criticism of Norwegian Statfjord deliveriesTransport evaluation completed
Published November 27, 2019   •   Updated December 11, 2019
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