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Statfjord C installed

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Eight large tugs with a combined output of 110 000 horsepower were needed to move Statfjord C securely from Vats near Stavanger to the North Sea field, where it was installed north of the A and B platforms.
— Statfjord C is installed. Photo: Norwegian Contractors/Norwegian Petroleum Museum
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The structure had a displacement of 775 000 tonnes during the tow, and only 135 metres of its total height of 272 metres were visible above the sea when it set off.

Because the weather turned unfavourable during the tow, the platform and tugs had to wait for better conditions about 20 nautical miles south of its final destination. The structure was then lowered further into the sea to improve its stability.

After a 10-day voyage, Statfjord C was installed on 10 June just 9.5 metres from the position which had been calculated in advance as the ideal spot.

To learn more, see: Building Statfjord C .

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Photo series ”Building Statfjord C” on Statoil’s website.

“North Sea Hilton” in placeDrugs raids
Published December 10, 2019   •   Updated December 12, 2019
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