Fire in the shaftBrown & Root + Aker = Brownaker

Statfjord B contracts for NC

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Norwegian Contractors (NC) secured a contract worth NOK 850 million to build the concrete gravity base structure (GBS) for Statfjord B.
— Statfjord B platform to be built at Hinnavågen. Headline in Rogalands Avis 22.02.1978.
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In addition, it landed the NOK 50 million job of mechanical outfitting in the cells. These were fixed price contracts, with opportunities for adjustments to take account of inflation.

Moe, J. (1980). Kostnadsanalysen norsk kontinentalsokkel : Rapport fra styringsgruppen oppnevnt ved kongelig resolusjon av 16. mars 1979 : Rapporten avgitt til Olje- og energidepartementet 29. april 1980 : 2 : Utbyggingsprosjektene på norsk sokkel (Vol. 2). Oslo: [Olje- og energidepartementet]: 231.

Fire in the shaftBrown & Root + Aker = Brownaker
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