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Soap opera on Statfjord C

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The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) shot a number of the scenes in its Offshore soap opera on Statfjord C during the spring of 1996.
— The opening sequence for season 1 of the TV series Offshore which aired on NRK1 from 1996 to 2000. Capture from NRK
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Background information was also gathered on the platform, which was dubbed Huldra for the TV series, and it provided the setting for the premiere that September. NRK’s head of drama, Oddvar Bull Tuhus, project manager Hallvard Blekastad, director Berit Nesheim and actor Kjersti Døvigen attended this event, when the first three episodes were shown. A total of 119 episodes were broadcast up to 1999. The series followed workers on the platform as well as the management of the fictitious NorWestOil company, focusing on such issues as romance, conflicts, enmities, jealously and infidelity.

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Statfjord North on streamFire on Statfjord C
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