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Sygna discovered

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The 33/9-19 S and 33/9-19 A wells drilled from 29 June to 23 July 1996 on the Sygna structure by Transocean Wildcat discovered oil in middle Jurassic sandstones.
— Trancocean Wildcat. Photo: Vicky Brock (, CC BY-SA 2.0,
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Located about 22 kilometres north of Statfjord in some 300 metres of water, this discovery was tied back to the C platform in the same way as the Statfjord North and East satellites. The Norwegian licensees took the view that Sygna was covered by the principles enshrined in the bridging agreement, which dealt with the tie-in of satellites to Statfjord.

That view was contested by the British licensees, and negotiations were required. After fairly tough talks, agreement was reached with the UK partners. Under this deal, a “Sygna fee” was to be paid by that field’s licensees to the Statfjord Unit, which meant the British licensees received 14.5 per cent of the sum paid.

Equinor. Plan for development and operation of Sygna.

Sympathy strikeSmoking strife
Published December 2, 2019   •   Updated January 2, 2020
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