The underlifting agreementSoap opera on Statfjord C

Statfjord North on stream

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Production began from the Statfjord North satellite on 23 January 1995. Located in 250-290 metres of water, it had been developed with three subsea templates tied back to Statfjord C.
— Statfjord Nord subsea installations. Illustration: FMC Kongsberg Subsea
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Two templates – Statfjord North D and Statfjord North E – were for production, while the third – Statfjord North F – was for water injection. All were remotely operated from the C platform. The wellstream was piped through two 10-inch pipelines for processing, storage and export on Statfjord C, where it shared process facilities with Sygna and Statfjord East.

Gunnar Berge, minister of local government and labour, visited Statfjord C on 9 June 1995 to celebrate the official inauguration of Statfjord North and East.

Statfjord, Snorre and the Statfjord East and North fields set a collective production record in 1995 with an average annual output of 819 091 barrels per day.

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The underlifting agreementSoap opera on Statfjord C
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