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Final clarification for Statfjord B

person By Trude Meland, Norwegian Petroleum Museum
The Statfjord Unit Operating Committee (SUOC), the decision-making body for the field, approved plans on 5 August 1977 for Statfjord B as a platform able to process 180 000 barrels per day. It was resolved on 29 November to apply to the NPD for permission to build such a structure. The application, accompanied by a separate safety study, was submitted on 1 December.
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Plans now called for Statfjord B to be installed in 149 metres of water at the southern end of the field. Seabed conditions were poorer there than over the rest of Statfjord, and the base area of the GBS accordingly had to be increased.

While Statfjord A had 19 cells, the B version would have 24. Planned topside space would expand correspondingly, from 5 200 square metres to 7 800. The platform would still have four shafts even though only one process train was to be installed. With the fourth shaft reserved for risers, space was freed up in the others.

Additional safety barriers were introduced by the decision to make the decks and modules open, reducing the danger of an explosion and possible damage from such an incident. The various functions would also be positioned in such a way that no hazardous operations were close to or beneath the living quarters. And the quarters modules would be protected by an additional fire wall. These plans were approved by the NPD on 19 December.

To learn more, see: The Statfjord B letter.

Crane barge gets liftingNortrym flotel in place
Published November 22, 2019   •   Updated December 11, 2019
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