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Phase I development plans

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In a letter dated 4 November 1974, the Ministry of Industry accepted the principle of a phased development for Statfjord. But it also requested detailed plans for the first stage.
— Booklet from 1976 with information on phase 1 of the Statfjord development. Illustration: Statfjordgruppen
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Mobil prepared extensive materials, including reservoir, financial and landing studies as well as production, drilling and pipeline plans. A summary of the documentation was submitted to the ministry on 18 February 1975 and formed the basis for White Paper no 90 (1975-1976).

These plans recommended that a concrete platform be placed centrally on the field. At least two additional production installations were assumed beyond phase I, while oil and possible gas was to be piped to Norway (alternatively Shetland or Scotland).

Much attention was devoted to the pipeline issue, both in the plans and in the ministry’s consideration of the matter. Statoil, which was responsible for landing production on behalf of the licensees, outlined no less than six transport solutions. It concluded that a pipeline to Norway was possible, but required further technical progress. Offshore loading of oil stood out as the cheapest and quickest solution for the first phase.

The estimated cost of the first development phase was as USD 420 million. With the platform scheduled for tow-out in 1976, drilling would begin that December and production was set to start a year later.

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Responsible for Statfjord informationStord Verft plans topside
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