Administration 1980s

person by Trude Meland, Norwegian Petroleum Museum
During the Mobil era from 1977 to 1987, the offshore organisation was divided into departments. The administration department was responsible for catering on platforms and flotels, personnel check-in, crane operation, deck maintenance, and budgeting and accounts.
— Resepsjonen på Statfjord A. Foto: Odd Noreger/Norsk Oljemuseum
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administrasjon 1980,
Today's post has arrived at Statfjord A. Photo: Odd Noreger/Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The department was headed by a manager, who was employed by Mobil along with the administrative and check-in assistants, deck foremen, crane operators and services utilitymen. Catering staff and the maritime crew on the flotels worked for contractors.

Now part of the logistics organisation, the crane drivers lifted all equipment and consumables onto the platforms, and damaged goods and empty containers off.

Utilitymen assisted the crane drivers as banksmen and ensured that everything which came on board was stowed in the right place. They were also responsible for maintenance and for clearing deck areas and gangways.
Statfjord welfare.

administrasjon 1980,
TV room at Statfjord A. Fresh newspapers are welcome aboard. Photo: Odd Noreger/Norwegian Petroleum Museum

The administration manager was responsible for general welfare on the platform, which had a budget of NOK 350 000 in 1982. This was intended to cover the purchase and loan of musical instruments, games, films and videos as well as other forms of entertainment. The library spent about NOK 20 000 on books every year.

Films were largely borrowed from the Norwegian Government Seamen’s Service and the Local Authority Film Centre. Catering personnel were contractually committed to showing films four-five times a day.

Many of these were in English, since the supply of video films with Norwegian sub-titles was limited. Nor was it legal in the early 1980s to record Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) programmes on video for provision to the field.

Workers on the platforms organised a small orchestra and a choir to entertain their colleagues.

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